L.A.U.R.E.N.'s Camp

Learning to Accept Understand and Respect Each other No matter what

Lauren spent her summers at Camp Westmont in Pennsylvania, which ultimately became her favorite place on earth. Not only did she attend as a camper for seven summers, but she also continued on as a counselor for two additional summers. At camp, Lauren was well-known for her enthusiasm and shining spirit. Her counselors adored her, and her campers looked up to her as a leader and mentor. What truly kept her coming back year after year was the special laughter, bonds and friendships she was able to form and share.

The Lauren Nicole Marcus Foundation has established an annual three-day summer camp program that concentrates on developing young ladies, while also giving them the opportunity to experience all of the benefits sleepaway camp has to offer. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains–in the quaint town of Orson, Pennsylvania–L.A.U.R.E.N’ S Camp at Independent Lake Camp is fully-equipped with a gorgeous lake, multiple swimming pools, a gourmet dining hall, several sports courts, and so much more. The young ladies have the entire camp to themselves and, throughout the course of the weekend, get to engage in activities ranging from sports and arts & crafts, to trust and respect workshops and s’mores making, and so much more. They learn to make new friends, develop their confidence and independence, and collaborate with their peers–most of whom they did not know or were not close friends with prior to the trip. 

Each year, by the end of the weekend, the girls leave with both tears in their eyes and a newfound sense of pride and confidence. They also carry with them the core values that this camp is all about: Learning to Accept Understand and Respect Each other No matter what. A main goal of The Lauren Nicole Marcus Foundation is to continue the upward growth of L.A.U.R.E.N.’s Camp, so that more and more young women get to experience a place Lauren loved so dearly. 

We look forward to many more years of friendship, fun, and confidence-building at L.A.U.R.E.N.’s Camp!


“Lauren’s camp has changed me so much throughout the 4 years that I went. It’s about making new friends and understanding each other. If I could go back every year I would. I never knew Lauren, but because of that camp, she holds a special place in my heart and so does everyone else that I met there. Opportunity of a lifetime.” -Alison D. 

“Lauren’s camp has helped me so much! Everyone was always so nice to me and made me feel welcomed. I grew a bond with a lot of people there. I also grew more as a person from Lauren’s camp and really started to accept myself.” -Lexis A. 

“To me Lauren’s camp was a retreat that grounded me towards the end of the school year. It also made me more confident year after year, it was one of the things I had to look forward to when others vanished. I always knew I had a home within the girls I met and learned to know and now the women we have all grown to be over time. Lauren’s camp is sincerely a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with girls seemingly different but just like you, cherish the little things, and experience things you might not have been able to, without this foundation. Lauren’s camp is a part of my story and I hope so many other girls have the opportunity to say the same.”

-Chloe T. 

“Lauren’s Camp taught me how to be a good leader and to be a good friend. It was a weekend to get to know people that I may have not known and unplug for the weekend and just have fun, while doing fun things to honor Lauren.” -Alexia B