About Lauren

Putting Lauren into words is nearly impossible, as her unique character embodied so many special qualities. Lauren was outgoing, bubbly, constantly full of happiness and never without an infectious smile. Her loving nature and genuine interest in the lives of those around her made her an incredible friend, confidant and shoulder to lean on. Lauren was a vivacious spirit, a loyal friend, a hard-working student and an all-around incredible person who touched the lives of countless people. Anyone who knew her for even a few minutes felt as though they had been her friend for a lifetime.

Lauren was raised in Woodmere, NY and graduated from Hewlett High School in 2009. She went on to attend the University of Florida and had just begun to further her education at The School of Law at St. John’s University when her life was cut short.  On August 17th, after a day of volunteering at her new school, Lauren was out with friends in New York City and was involved in a tragic traffic accident. Lauren was a fighter – and her battle to survive made this no different. After nearly three days of fighting for her life, on August 19th, Lauren succumbed to her injuries.

Lauren loved her family, friends and animals very much, but overall she just loved life. You would feel instantly happy by just being around her, and it was impossible to have anything but a smile on your face in her presence.  Lauren affected, and remains in the memories, of thousands of her community members and is extremely missed today and always.